HB and Associates is a custom design furniture manufacturer and a leading provider of hotel and restaurant furniture. We work with many of the leading hotel companies throughout the nation and world to create a quality finished product, with unsurpassed durability. We have also worked with the top interior design firms in the nation to create some of the most intricate furniture pieces seen in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

We are dedicated to creating the finest furniture the industry has to offer while providing the best service possible. Our innovation and creative design have been the difference in the industry, giving us the edge on the competition. We use state of the art technology in our manufacturing of quality furniture and only use the best quality of woods for our products based on the needs of our clientele.

We strive to bring the best furniture right to your door at the best pricing available. We guarantee to beat the competition! From the simplest of pieces to the most intricate of design, we are capable of providing it all for you.